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We shift towards shared power and wisdom in paradigms and practices.

No longer do we idolize centralized and hierarchical structures where people hoard power, reinforce colonial narratives as the only way of operating, and prevent others from joining the arts and culture space.

Instead, we shift towards shared power and wisdom in paradigms and practices within the arts and culture sector and beyond.

We work to build an arts and culture community that prioritizes racial justice and liberation, centers BIPOC voices and experiences in that transformation, seeks to actively understand and repair cultural divides, cultivates the inherent creativity in everyone, and embraces the shared value of artistic expression in a thriving society.

Art by Nadia Pricia
Strategies to Support Culture:

Strategy 09

Expose and disrupt classist and racist disparities between the perceived value of different creative forms, disciplines and roles within arts and culture.

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Strategy 10

Include and elevate the value of lived experience in arts and culture.

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Strategy 11

Decentralize power in leadership and decision-making structures.

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Strategy 12

Expand cultural consciousness within and beyond the arts and culture sector.

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