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We support creative freedom for individuals and groups.

No longer do we accept that sacrificing creative freedom and autonomy in order to put food on the table, maintain funding, or create safe and sanitized art for predominantly white institutions and white audiences, is a common and normal occurrence.

Instead, we support the freedom to be artistic for individuals and groups across the career spectrum and throughout life.

We work to increase access to community-driven arts and culture education, programming, and career development resources for individuals and groups. We foster an inter- generational and mutually-supportive network of BIPOC creatives who help advance one anothers’ creative practices and careers, as well as the sector. We call for creative freedom and funding to become disentangled so artists can practice with agency and freedom.

Art by Nadia Pricia
Strategies to Support Creatives:

Strategy 01

Invest in intergenerational arts education, programming, 
and career development.

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Strategy 02

Create a range 
of community-driven funding models that 
are flexible, consistent, and transparent.

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Strategy 03

Increase and facilitate access to healthcare, housing, and living wages for artists/creatives.

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Strategy 04

Foster peer support and knowledge sharing for arts and culture career development.

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