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We sustain vibrancy in places and spaces.

No longer do we allow outside entities to invest broadly and haphazardly in communities as separate entities in hopes that communities see improvement or benefit.

Instead, we sustain vibrancy in places and spaces so that communities experience equitable investment and access to cultural development.

We work to support and sustain richly diverse and thriving arts and culture communities across geographies and cultural groups. These convening places, spaces, and platforms serve as the hubs, training grounds, and anchoring centers for creative, cultural, and economic development across Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Art by Nadia Pricia
Strategies to Support Communities:

Strategy 05

Invest in hyperlocal, intersectional assets to catalyze creative and cultural value within neighborhoods.

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Strategy 06

Prioritize restorative approaches to community development that retain and create generational wealth and preserve and highlight culture in neighborhoods.

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Strategy 07

Reallocate arts and culture investments to historically disinvested and marginalized groups and communities.

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Strategy 08

Integrate arts as a tool/method to address inequities across sectors and communities.

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