Value, support, and invest in the creative process as much as, if not more so, than the creative product

Today: There is this notion that folks don't value art unless they see it as an investment or as entertainment. They don't respect the process — it's always about the product, and therefore that is the only thing that gets valued, supported, and invested in. How would we value art if artist's billed by the hour?

Vision: Society values, supports, and invests in the creative process of art making, not just the creative product. The arts and creative process would be invested in as a means of entrepreneurship and social impact. Pathways for artistic mentorship and apprenticeship would be fully supported and invested in as a way to move towards mastery. That growth and training would be invested in. We would recognize that artistic and creative process takes time and patience, and that it is emergent and evolutionary, and therefore support/investment wouldn't rely on a specific output.