Stop the dismissal and erasure of lived experiences for the sake of comfort

Today: It has been really easy for mainstream society, which is dominated by white culture and gatekeepers, to denounce certain art forms that doesn't reflect traditionally white experiences and values. Using hip hop as an example, people say it glorifies violence, but don't acknowledge that so much of that artistic culture is an actual reflection of society and of their experience. It's very easy for folks to protest and say that this is bad and explicit, but this is folks' lived reality.

Vision: Consumers of different forms of art will seek to build and deeper understanding of the cultural context and circumstances that surround a work or art and the artist(s) that created it. We will not dismiss or erase the experiences that influence and enable artists of color to create evocative and moving works of art, but rather we will celebrate their ability to reflect their experiences of the world through creative expression. We will be inspired to learn more about the world around us.