map Chicago’s past and present arts and culture ecosystem in an ongoing way

We need to map the totality of Chicago's arts and cultural scene. There is so much we don't know that we can't give credit to. We need to create a publicly accessible understanding of all the machinations that happen behind the scenes to try to open up the landscape for people who don't necessarily get to take in art.

Sometimes I think the whole model of patrons is one of the things that keeps the arts so isolated in downtown and North Side communities running along the lake shore, as opposed to out in communities.

There is a lot of arts happening that just needs general recognition. Maybe people aren't even seeking this recognition, but it would be helpful to them in continuing to support their artistic practice. A lot of the money that gets funneled down, goes to the organizations that are known and know how to apply for the grants and things like that. But that's another way that people are kept from growing.