LOCAL ART HOUSES: Cultivating local Creators

Identify, Pour Into, and Provide continued models of support for Creatives:

What if there were nighborhood hubs—like a mini park district fieldhouse, but it's a neighborhood "ART HOUSE" where this physical space serves as a touchpoint in every neighborhood where:

Young or new artists could come and explore, and given one-on-one support to have a life where they CAN explore the arts and creative thinking.

I saw a tweet once that said something along the lines of "I want to be creative but I spend all my time SURVIVING and I'm just exhausted"— what if these ART HOUSES had full stop holistic support systems within to teach, support and nurture creatives in the community on a rotating basis= think childcare on-site; therapists on-site; work-for-hire opportunities to upkeep the ART HOUSE (like a co-op agreement whereas you put in x amount of hours at the front desk etc & get paid x amount of dollars and x amount of hours to use the space for painting/printmaking/photo classes, etc.)