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At Scad, there is a sidewalk arts festival. students, alumni, high schoolers can all claim a square in forsyth park. it becomes a whole event. art institute and columbia college kids could do events with children in low-inocme neighborhoods. https://www.scad.edu/sidewalkarts2021
double decker is an art and food event in oxford ms. usually they have a band. if a handful of non-profs teamed up to bring some art loving celebs to play, it might raise money (kanye, chance the rapper, jennifer hudson). money is distributed equally. https://doubledeckerfestival.com/
empty bowls is an awesome fundraiser for potters (professional and college/hs students) and local restaurant to raise money for food banks. artists make bowls. restaurants donate a crock pot of soup. people pay $15 for an empty bowl and fill it with soup. chat eat. http://emptybowls.com/
take back the neighborhood with safe spaces. abandoned lots get turned into gardens. art installations. managed by individuals, orgs.