Leaders Gonna Lead

If we had a convening of 100 organizations, we would see 70 of them being ALAANA/BIPOC, hands down. We are the global majority and we are the majority in this city. So, what does it look like for us to have the power?

These ALAANA/BIPOC artists at the forefront of arts & culture decision-making, they're not running a DEI Council, they're not doing it on a volunteer basis, it's not on top of their current workload. They are legit leading us, and letting us know what needs to happen.

We could lead. We already know that we can lead, right now in this moment. We have leaders who are ALAANA/BIPOC who are already ready to lead, but are not – they may or may not have access, the path laid out, being invested in in the right ways.

But there are also people in power who are not willing to give up their power. It's a stronghold, so how do we shift that?