Celebrate difference, connect through shared humanity

Today: Because of white supremacy, we look at different cultural groups as having monolithic experiences, and that's just so false. There are incredibly diverse experiences and lives and realities even within one cultural group. So by designating certain months for certain cultural groups and naming the most iconic people or works of art from that group, it actually further perpetuates the erasure of diverse experiences within any cultural group. We are still celebrating a monolithic picture, or at most a very small sample, of any particular culture in society at large.

Vision: We honor our diverse and complex humanity in everything we do. This is a spiritual shift about truly honoring people as full and complex human beings. We honor and seek to learn from one another's diverse experiences in a dignified way in every moment. We are all different, and we can recognize and celebrate that difference while also connecting in our shared humanity. The compass is right when it feels human.