A world that celebrates Black arts

The industry itself, no matter which art industry you are talking about, is fundamentally rooted in white supremacy.

This means that for People of Color the traditional world of art was and still very much is unavailable. We were not allowed in their spaces. But the practice of art was and is thriving in communities of color. Sadly, it was and in many way continues to be dismissed by the gatekeepers of any of these industries. So for many BIPOC folks the closest we can get is to be granted access as a response to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to try to learn to be comfortable enough in a racist space that was once not available to us and was never meant for us.

I'm interested in the vision of a world that would not allow for what happened for my family and the people in my collected communities. We had no grand galleries or performances, but we had our Black arts, of all forms — we did it all! And what if there was a world in which all that was celebrated?!?