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Each of these ideas is a vision that is whole and complete, all by itself. Yet together, these ideas create something even greater — an entire portrait of the future that has not yet been. 

Explore the ideas shared by community members during our co-creation phase, and be inspired to imagine and contribute some of your own ideas for an anti-racist arts and culture sector in Chicago.

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    Accountability Website

    Quoting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, “There are things we can do, benchmarks we can insist on, to keep the freedom train moving ahead. Over the past few weeks I’ve heard excellent suggestions for reform in our systems of justice, policing, healthcare, education and economic security, all of…

    Consensus-based decision making

    We can be rooted in mutual aid and cooperation. We can be non-hierarchical. We can not so much focus on a singular individual, but instead understand the impacts and effects of each decision on the community around us.

    Arts and Culture Crowdfunded by Taxes

    Arts and culture programming funding should be part of our taxes. Thinking about things like crowdfunding. There's such an excitement about choosing the things you want to support. This isn't just an algorithm to sell things, but for us to show what we are interested…

    Redistribute dance funding to support local artists

    According to the Sustain Arts report, 50% of grant funding received by dance organizations in Chicago went to 3 dance companies. These companies most likely do not primarily employ Chicago based dancers or show work from Chicago based dancemakers. If these funds were redistributed into…

    Streamline Bureaucracy to Support Hyperlocal Investment

    Today: It's so hard to advocate for resources in your neighborhood. The city has a lot of hoops you have to jump through for things. Vision: We should streamline city bureaucracy and develop a network or clusters of of small spaces that can become local…