Event Recap

Imagine Just:
Community Co-Creation Session 2

Power Shift: Notes from the Second Imagine Just Community Co-Creation Session

“It’s radical to think about the creative process and not meaning creative for production’s sake. Instead, the wealth is the creative process.”

One of the many activities that take place during our Community Co-Creation sessions are in-depth, small group conversations focused on one of our four themes: Alternative Models of Leadership, Equitable Visibility, Investment in Neighborhood Assets, and Resilient Funding Infrastructure. 

No matter the theme, the conversations inevitably turn to funding. And it makes sense – money is, in so many ways, power. And those who have it – or who have access to it – often get to decide what art should be seen and who gets to see it.

This current setup limits creative expression and exposure, and we all suffer because of it.

“Museums are capitalistic entities cosplaying as community organizations.”

Participants at our session desperately want to imagine something different: an arts and culture sector that focuses on collective funding and decision-making models. One that is truly based in and led by the community.

This approach, participants believe, would change the relationship artists and creators have with the sector.

“Strength, freedom, free leadership. Being able to share the pie instead of facing rivalries and competition for that funding.”

Getting to this point would require serious change. Many leaders in the city – most of whom are white – would have to give up some of their power. We would have to think differently about how the sector spends money: from who is hired to which work is funded to what neighborhoods host performances, exhibits, etc.

But the end result: true equity and representation are worth it. Interested in attending one of our upcoming Community Co-Creation Sessions? Register today.

Wed, July 7, 2021
5:30PM – 8:30PM CST