Event Recap

Imagine Just:
Community Co-Creation Session 5

Becoming Who We Say We Are: Reflections from the Fifth #ImagineJust Community Co-Creation Session

“’America is the land of opportunity – I believed those words, and I want them to be true.”

These words, spoken by a participant at our July 19 Community Co-Creation Session, reflect the thoughts of many people in this country that have been pushed to the margins.

Our criticism of America and our work to dismantle racism — and all the other byproducts of white supremacist ideology — is rooted in our desire to make these words true. 

We want to become who we say we are. We believe we can do it. And we can start here, in Chicago. 

“Take the righteous activism that exists in so many people, and keep connecting that to arts and culture, people who are writing and performing.”

Too often, funders and corporations, and well-meaning philanthropists go into marginalized neighborhoods and tell residents what they need to do. This white savior-ism doesn’t do anyone any good. 

Instead, those who hold the funding need to realize the assets within each community and invest in them. 

How do you find those assets? Simple: you ask the community and you let the residents decide.

“People are doing stuff all the time across the city, including the south (and west) sides, there’s just no investment!” 

Our arts and culture sector can be a catalyst for transformative change. By tapping into and providing resources to these invaluable resources — artists and institutions – that already exist within Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods, we can build an engine for change that can move our entire city forward.

We’re heading into our final session and can’t wait to synthesize and then share all that we’ve learned. If you haven’t attended a session, you can still submit an idea on our website.

Mon, July 19, 2021
1:00PM – 4:00PM CST