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Imagine Just:
Community Co-Creation Session 4

A New Table, A New Way of Being: Notes from our 4th Community Co-Creation Session

We’re more than halfway through our planned Community Co-Creation Sessions. The conversations continue to deepen and expand our ability to imagine what’s possible in the arts and culture sectors, here in Chicago and around the world.

Our most recent session left us thinking a lot about the ‘seat at the table’ phrase everyone uses.

First, we definitely need a bigger table so that everyone can sit there. Much, much bigger.

Secondly, what happens when you get to the proverbial table? 

One of our session participants put it best when they said:

“Everyone is invited to the table, but you didn’t ask people what their dietary restrictions are!”

In other words, instead of simply inviting artists and communities of color to this fabled table, what if we also give them the freedom to plan the menu?

What would it look like if we changed the power dynamics at the table? Better yet, what if we tossed the table out of the window and came up with an entirely new way of collaborating, funding, and promoting arts and culture?

What if neighborhood residents “come together and decide what to create together?”

Another session participant put it this way: “We have to allow for experimentation to decide what’s right for the community.”

No one knows what a community needs better than the people who are of and from that community. Artists should be able to create the art they want to create, without having to worry about funding it. And communities should be able to enjoy art without having to travel across town to access it.

We can make this vision a reality. Together.

Our final session is this Saturday, July 24. There’s still time to register

Can’t make it? Head to our website to submit an idea to our gallery.

Tue, July 13, 2021
5:30PM – 8:30PM CST