Event Recap

Imagine Just:
Community Co-Creation Session 3

Creating a True Arts Ecosystem: Themes and Notes from Our Third Imagine Just Community Co-Creation Session

Our Community Co-Creation session conversations keep getting juicier and more in-depth. If you haven’t attended a session yet, register today — there are only three sessions left.

What if each of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods had multiple thriving arts organizations, not just one anchor organization? 

This question was at the core of a discussion around creating a true “Arts Ecosystem” for the city. 

One where cultural leaders would be at the table, leading the discussion when new developments are planned. 

Where arts and culture would ‘infiltrate’ the chamber of commerce and be on equal footing with business.

A strong arts ecosystem supports the artists/creators, the audiences, and the arts organizations. What could it look like in practice?

  • Artists could create without having to worry about being able to pay the rent. 
  • Audiences would be able to access art in their own neighborhoods. 
  • Arts organizations large and small would receive equitable funding.
  • Diversity wouldn’t just be on display during heritage months. And all art forms would be equally appreciated.

We’d love to hear from you: What if the city had a true art and culture ecosystem? How much richer would Chicago be as a result? Register for one of our upcoming sessions so that we can imagine it together.

Thu, July 8, 2021
1:00PM – 4:00PM CST